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A comprehensive security strategy covers both your systems and your employees.

The most careful employee is vulnerable when using an insecure system, and the most secure system can be exposed to attack accidentally by a team member.

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Systems Security

Your devices and network are under constant attack.

We proactively protect you using products usually only available to enterprise-level companies or government agencies.

Advanced Protection: Antivirus Evolved

Powerful artificial intelligence software powered by Cylance identifies and neutralizes malicious files before they run, eliminating threats before they cost your business.

Proactive Vulnerability Detection and Response

First developed for the Department of Defense, Infocyte proactively analyzes your systems, users, applications, and more to identify and respond to vulnerabilties and hidden attackers.

Systems Security Price$20 per device
per month
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Team Security

Humans are the weakest link in any security situation.

Team members cause upwards of 95% of breaches. We help train your staff to avoid being easy targets for opportunistic criminals.

Security Awareness Training

Protect your business by educating your team and identifying and managing vulnerable employees.

Included services:

  • Interactive training modules educate staff about threats, and weekly micro-trainings reinforce learning.
  • Phishing tests keep your team in a strong security mindset.
  • Managers and employees can track progress in the portal dashboard.
  • Employees are scored based on tests and phishing attempts, telling you who is a risk to your business and needs additional help.
  • Dark Web monitoring detects stolen employee accounts.
Team Security$20 per employee
per month

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